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Teithio Llesol Ysgol / Active School Travel

Dear Schools and Families,

Cardiff Council is revising its plan to create and improve routes across the city for walking and cycling for everyday journeys. This includes routes to school, work, shopping, socialising and leisure, but it does not include walking and cycling routes that are only used for exercise.

This plan is called the Active Travel Network Map and it will allow us to prioritise where improvements should be made and access funding from Welsh Government to make these improvements.

In order to understand where new routes are required and to help prioritise these routes, we need to understand which routes are currently used by our residents for walking and cycling, and any existing problems on these routes, for example poor crossing facilities, heavy traffic, or personal safety concerns.
We also need to understand where there are existing barriers, including those issues highlighted above, which prevent people from walking and cycling.

We are hoping to gain some information from families in Cardiff schools, and are hoping you will be able to help. We have created an activity overleaf for your children to explore with you, regarding regular routes you make on foot or by bike.

You are more than welcome to work on normal paper and respond with a photo of the work, which allows everyone to take part, even without a printer. Please feel free for your child to make the plan or map as creative and detailed as they would like. This can be done by themselves or with a family member. Some examples are on the following pages. Please email your plans to:

As a thank you for your help, your child can print a certificate to display, as well as have the knowledge that you have helped other families walk and cycle safely.

Many Thanks,

Active Travel School Team